What’s your reason for getting up?

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Perhaps you’re heading off to school. Maybe you’re taking care of the grandchildren. You might work from home, or you’re carpooling with a colleague. Anyway you’re bound to having to get up. We rather get out on the right side of the bed, don’t we? Every once in a while anybody won’t achieve that and that’s all normal. Only when this happens regularly we start to experience the consequences in our daily life. Usually signified by dissatisfied feelings of futility and unfulfilled desires. For those who’re experiencing this right now I’d be glad to share some common advice. As we know that everyone recognises these feelings, dark times float along with the passing of time. People surely have found their ways to cope with this. Most of all, that involves disciplined loving of your self. This article is about motivation and passion.

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Beyond the basics

You wish to get the most out of your day and to realise your dreams for a life as fulfilling as possible. It’s important to start with the basics, especially when you’re experiencing motivational and mood related difficulties. This is for developing your tools that help shedding daily societal stresses. Give your self and your body a fair chance by taking good care of it. For starters, eight hours of sleep truly helps. Also get rid of smoking and other drug habits. Healthy food improves a wealthy state of mind and how far you’re willing to go shows only how high you set your goals.

When you compare life with a garden, you could say that the most nutritious fruits grow on plants in the most favourable soil conditioning. That soil is you. Feed yourself with attention, mercy and care to develop focus, creativity and mental flexibility. This Self Care directly affects your experience of your life. Speaking of nutrition, a personally attuned diet is what the specific characteristics of your body are asking you for. For those who wish to continue reading about a healthy diet I’m redirecting you to ayurveda.nl. You might want to use a website translator for this is in Dutch. Here you can read about the three doshas (elemental forces) and do a personality test. It’ll give you some insights in what food helps balancing out your character.

Ask yourself
We get out of bed, curious for what this day’s got in store, because this is another opportunity to go achieve your goals. But whatever you’re about to be doing today it’s probably about responsibilities and priorities. You aim to live a meaningful life so it would be in your best interest for those daily tasks to feel sensible and useful to you. To get clear insight in what you’re wishing for you could ask yourself: “What exactly am I getting out of bed for?” This question opens up gateway to self-analysis in terms of your goals, passion and ultimately hope.


Your personal reason for getting out of bed in the morning actually got a name. The concept was described in Japanese as Ikigai (生き甲斐), which literally translates to Worth Living. Your reason to live consists out of four equivalent and overlapping pillars. By organising your day according to what you love, what you’re good at, what you can get paid for and what the world needs, you construct the foundations for a fulfilling and wealthy life. The following animation is a representation of the system. Take your time to study it. This is a method to describe (or examine) your motivation.

Down below is also a still picture included.

Naturally the implementation of this diagram is totally personal and different for every other individual. Naming your aspirations demands some analytic self-examination and soul-searching. I do want to say that we all know a lot about what we think highly of. It’s an advantage to be living a time period wherein everybody has seen some movies, read some books and listened to music. We’ve got a huge awareness of our possibilities and that helps a lot. Boiling down the cauldron of memories that you are, eliminating all faulty beliefs in order to get down to the core, that seems to remain confronting all along anyway.

I’ve been researching my sweet spot – you know, the path that’s been set out for me. It helped me a great deal in getting a better understanding of why I want what I want. I hope that writing this into the public void-internet helps you refine your goals. I’ve added some complementary songs so the least you’re getting out of this is some nice music.

Enjoy the rest of the read and feel free to send me an e-mail with all your questions, your own experiences or just to send me you support ‘quz it takes quite a lot of my energy getting this all out. In any way, thank you!

Self Care

Who writes about the things they love usually wants to dig deeper than the seemingly endless entertainment Netflix provides. See, I’m not the kind that’ll just be criticizing anything like that. From a list of hobbies I’d pick my favourite one, but it’s too easy sticking to the focus outside ourselves. In the search of what sets my heart aflame I refuse to value the externals, for they won’t outlast my own everlasting company. Constructing a garden, for instance, in a friends backyard. That’s what I really enjoy doing, but still this is nothing to be found within myself. I aim to shine a light on that what activates inside whilst I’m doing what I love. What unravels within me when I’m gardening?

What I love is a certain flow that helps my simultaneously lose and find myself in that moment. It offers me a sensation of freedom and timelessness. In this state, both relaxed and stimulated, I feel more like my original self. Speaking of happiness, I wish to remain a hold-on to this flow that makes me feel in touch with the origin of inspiration. We all know this as a natural water source that gushes up a constant tide that makes the banks overflow. This flow comes from within and is made of the same as you essentially are. You can be yourself by fostering the tide with an open attitude, and by keeping the water pure with positive mindset.

So what I’m talking about is that, you know, I also like snowboarding. I like to fumble around with Photoshop or do some actual painting as well. But what we all love is to find our freedom in those things. That’s why I want to convey the following statement as truth: Whatever you like to do, do it repeatedly and you’ll master the creative process. Along the way you’re bound to encourage others. Then you will realise that it has become your passion to inspire others.

English translated lyrics are in the description (@Youtube).

Fair Share

The world, society, your community or neighbour, they all be needing something and whatever you’ve got for offering might just be essential. Having said that, what I think of what the world needs is fair share. Initially I don’t intend talking about the big scale in oil industries, mining, farming or fishery. What people need is that we carefully handle the things that seem inexhaustible – because they’re not and never have been.

I’m shouting out to subtle things like the efforts of the waiter that serves your drinks, the perseverance of those that come collect your trash and the endurance of the cashier that scans the same cheese sandwich as of all the customers before and after you. What each and everyone needs at least once in a while is some recognition for your labour. A rightly and sincere comment (or just a nod) of recognition from those whom you work for gives a feeling of being seen. Present, as human to human.

Nobody had to prove you anything to be worthy enough for your full attention. Because, let’s be reasonably fair, we’re here to share all. Including respect and attention. We realise that we all cross each others paths. By remaining in gentle posture we occasionally get to walk in someone else’s shoes. This attention is the kind that makes a huge difference to others. So in name of finding the ultimate Ikigai, as a mission towards great fulfilment, I praise to be the Gentle in Gentleman.

People Care

What I didn’t do as a child was asking for help when needed. Was that smart? Probably not. Although being in a crowded place has never been my favourite, I wasn’t aware of the importance to connect with a tight community or social network. Finding self-esteem, values and skills was a lonely road, at least until around my sixteenth. Ever since then It’s been a slow but stead journey coming out. So riddle me this, what can you do for the world when you don’t feel like a part of it? How do you find your talents when nobody’s actually propelling you to do the right things?

When you feel like nobody’s there to understand, very soon the journey to finding your worth and pride takes a leap into the spiritual.

Every moment in solo company you’re not talking with others. There’s plenty of time to actually get to know every corner of the bored mind. I have cherished an inner rebel hat pointed out a brighter mindset. Particularly silent and forever merciful. To swim up against the main stream of societal peer pressure is fighting for all that is good. To encourage yourself when nobody else does it for you is a mere choice of which only you can see the reason. What I’m good at is maintaining authenticity whilst I speak with a voice that won’t disrupt the silence.

Most of our valuable time usually gets invested in a profession. So especially there is where I want to be able to utilise my skills. Although most working environments don’t welcome rebels, working outside the set rules is exactly what most people who got inspired are in dire need of. Lots of jobs provoke rushing haste by testing your patience. What I ask instead is an occupation that won’t keep me too occupied for sympathy. Some space for me to share calm non-violence with those I work with. The inner rebel doesn’t agree on anything less no more.

Earth Care

Some times more frequent than others, someone comes along and dumps his or her shit right in the middle of your path. People of a gentle nature seem to be a magnet for those in a hurry. The irony of life is that on any given moment the tables can be turned. We need each other because of this. The best thing you could do is to stay true to yourself, but what to do with someone else mess? Of course I mean to say this in both literally-physical and mentally-emotional ways.

Emotional cleaning
Not everybody is helped by simply cleaning up their disorder, because it’s up to themselves to do it. Someone who leaps their problems in your hands, like a never-ending lamentation of gossip and moping, usually isn’t looking for change. Feel free to question your time’s worth investing. Someone who’s genuine, someone you trust can actually be helped with a karmic cleansing. Lending a sympathetic ear and digging deep by asking the right questions is usually really helpful.

Literally cleaning up
Physically people drop even more of their trash wherever they happen to be standing. A circular cradle-to-cradle culture means that we’d be efficiently producing, consuming and re-using with short- and long term vision. So it seems that local waste management has some complex issues yet simple solutions. There’s just got to be some people willing to do it. I conceive this to be what I can be paid for. For me, as I happen to be a gardening kinda guy, utilising the carbon cycle is truly interesting.

Back to the basics
So, for getting out of the right side of the bed we want to be doing something meaningful. But first we want to be roaming a healthy body. Free from haste and free from stress. Free from hastily grown food that is. Without toxics and modified DNA food grows out to be our true medicine. I’m sure that my vocation is to assist in people and ecological healing, by preforming the art of organic farming.

What exactly am I getting out of bed for?
Bottom line, I’d be getting out of bed so I can do the things that complete me. Going back to bed the next evening, I wouldn’t any other way have found true fulfilment.

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