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Embracing your character

A full removal box often gets a label. “Living room.” “Garage.” “Office.” For efficiency, order or convenience. For yourself and others who help you move. For the moving company you hired… Sometimes names are written on it. “These are your things, this is mine.” Not just a house, but for many also a life. Memories, emotions and dreams, they are carried in such compartments. Every day. This article is for these people. This article is also for myself.

I wish through this blog that I can make my life tangible for you, and yours for me. Because we want to be understood. So that we understand ourselves. So that we can embrace ourselves. For me, the most recent major personal breakthrough was during New Year’s Eve. A beautiful night. A night of reflection and good intentions. I then said goodbye to old patterns. To free myself from my past habits in order to make room for a new start.

Tell me about your personal breakthrough, experience or similar experience!

What I did then was to redefine future goals. Fine-tuned to my ever-changing existence. Rearranged my daily life in such a way that it is more aligned with that of my future me. Right now be as I want to become later. It starts with drastic choices, quickly followed by relief and freedom. The path that I embrace stands for transparency and saying yes. Saying yes to the intuitive compass that leads me to roads I have never walked before. Continue with what I actually wanted to do anyway.

This article is the start of a blog in which I share experiences, beliefs, advice and issues. You read about why I walk before I know where to, and why I trust in a beautiful future. About how I would rather follow a premonition than boiled-down ratio. About how I allow myself to fall in love several times a day. I write about passion and inspiration. I start by introducing myself telling about my vision and my character.

I’m going to show you why I make the choices I make based on my perspective on life. Over time you will be inspired by practical examples, structured tools, directions and advice to fine-tune your life to how you can be your best self, as you always wanted to be. To be immediately informed of my new stories I invite you to subscribe to my blog. You will then receive a notification via e-mail.

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My experience

The most striking statement with which I have been described… It was during the graduation ceremony by my teacher who helped me brave stormy times as she’d been my tower of strenght. For three years we gave everything we had and we were happy during the diploma ceremony! “You are as elusive as a wet bar of soap,” is what echoed through the microphone, “… no matter what, you do your own thing.” Of course my parents nod in agreement… Fortunately, I feel fairly confident in front of a large audience, but there I stood blushing red as a tomato.

For many years I have heard, “you are just still searching,” but for good reason I should get J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Not all those who wander are lost” tattooed on my forehead. What few people understand is that I have long found my search – read that again. I travel a lot back and forth, I often stay with friends and I am almost never alone. I go to beautiful places, exercise my body enough, I eat relatively responsibly. What I am looking for in everything I do is human connection and constructive relationships. I’ll explain later how.

I have worked in many industries. I know the basics of many things which helps me in talking to others. A couple of my hobbies are also nice to write about. Traveling is without a doubt my favorite activity. The common thread that connects this article and all subsequent ones is making my world trip that I do not yet know how to do. Why am I going to do that? Among other things because it is a bit scary and I know I’ll help me transcend myself. Also to test my acquired knowledge and mental and physical preparations – and will take you through the process.

All good stuff, a lifestyle about which I would like to tell you all the ins and outs… later.

The Youtube channel of Eigentijds Groen is my proof that I am not that good at filming and editing video material. Personal experiences, stories and reflecting will gradually improve my skills and material. I hope you also see that you can share something fun with some work patched together.

Inner peace

Your thoughts are at least as powerful as spoken words, because they largely determine your vibe. What I can describe as “what you get is what you give” gets a much deeper meaning after studying the Law of Attraction. Whatever you focus on grows. What you often think of will sooner or later take shape in your life, some way or another. Your life is connected to that of the people around you and your vibe influences your loved ones, your work, your neighbors etc.

Forget your warnings (unsolicited advice) because they are based on fear. Forget the worries you’ve repeated for yourself a hundred times – no one will be waiting for your low frequency hassle. Make time for your loved ones and listen carefully. Try making each step based on finding the things that make you and others most happy. Letting go of self-centered thoughts, assumptions, accusations, and self-comparisons is important. Later I will tell you how I do this.

There is always time for positive changes. But today, while writing this text, the first new moon of 2020 is in Aquarius (Uranus). This creates an extra effective opportunity to implement radical changes in our lives. While looking back at the intentions of New Year’s Eve, the start of this blog has additional emotional value to me. My development is all about sharing experience and I hope that you read this.


I visit new places often and without knowing exactly why. What I know deep within is that I have to do it for reasons that have not yet revealed themselves. The people I may meet along the way are of great importance. In every encounter where my soul can recognize that of another, there is a deep appreciation or penetrating sense of being understood – and being seen. That can even be brief eye contact with a passerby. I experience this as pleasant and choose to remain actively opening myself up to this at any time of the day. In order to show yourself, express that you see him/her. My experience is that your day will deepen. Daily routine no more, thanks.

People who want to impress me evoke a nonchalant feeling in me. I am not impressed by banal and materialistic things. An expensive car or large house is directly connected to work stacking up, thus limiting freedom of movement and creates superfluous luxury. I would never ask how much money you have for selfish reasons. My motivation is human connection and understanding, warmth and growth. What I am looking for is astonishment in new environments and unique experiences. Ultimately it is the people around you who make your home, your journey or your work they way that they are. Hospitality, time and energy are the most respectable gifts that people give each other. Optimistic people inspire me.


In my three-dimensional experience of life, the daily being human, I note that the same situations present themselves repeatedly but in a different disguise. It’s these situations that relentlessly demand your most authentic approach. The Buddhist bhāvacakra is a symbolic representation of samsara, the cycle of rebirth. This can be read in various ways, depending on your perspective on how often rebirth occurs in one life. It is the endless question to give yourself the freedom that is offered to you.

For a long time it was thought that human evolution into Homo Sapiens is the ultimate form that we have achieved. But what if our further development has never stopped? Spiritual leaders from all over the world discuss where we’re all heading towards as Homo Universalis. Evolution or transformation is not based on the law of the strongest. Those who want to survive must adapt to changing circumstances. Those who embrace personal growth, those who overcome obstacles, they see that blunt mental power is transcended by flexible resourcefulness.

Those who want to rapidly develop go looking for discomfort. Every day they choose to say no to the seductive but misleading invitation of the comfort zone. “The same approach that I already dismissed as not helpful remains as nothing more than a reminder of earlier actions that I preferably would have done differently”. Act solely from love and understanding. Forgiveness, patience, and trust prove to be the way you’ve been searching for over and over again.

A small preview of my next article; “For most of my life I felt dependent of the mercy of those who needed me most”. A word about regaining self-control and your motivation for rolling out of the right side of the passenger seat. Do you want to read more about my experiences? Read more about how I prepare for the unforeseen? Feel free to leave a message under this article and subscribe to this blog.

Doe mee met 7 andere volgers

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